New ECDL Course

I began last week and went every Thursday and not long back home.

It took me longer than usual to process everything you know how it goes. The tutor was verbally running over the questions and showing me how to do. I was like what the heck with this thinking and was more confused than when I started. I can do the tasks it takes me a little longer to do compared to a healthy functioning brain.
The tutor commented am I still confused when I was leaving because I had to check I didn’t leave anything behind. It is a good job because my bottle of water was there on the table.

I have got my brain injury ID card and will have to show them it next week?

The good thing is I can bring in my USB memory stick an; the tutor will put all of the questions on it so I can learn at home.

My brain isn’t 100℅ that doesn’t mean I should be treated dum.

I will try to relax tidying making a cup of tea before cracking on with the assignment.

Warm weather finally here.

Has others had awkward TBI moments before?. Please share, so I don’t feel on my own with this.

Good on you for taking it all on, in my opinion.
I believe it will probably be a good idea taking your card with you next class, for your lecturer to have an understanding. I took on a course thinking it would be a bit of a challenge (‘a bit’ is a bit of an understatement). My technical aptitude used to be fairly good, but initially it was all very overwhelming. At first I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew, but decided I just had to chew a bit faster. Luckily it started off as one night a week, so I had a bit of time to revise, revise and revise some more so that I could absorb the information. But I’m here to tell you it can be done. I ain’t saying it was easy, it wasn’t at all, but once I got that through my thick skull I absorbed more easily. Since then I’ve had further neurosurgery and I’m not sure I could do it again, but I can say ‘I did’