Questions about Chat and new login

We’re excited to be able to chat again! It’s easy to get to: scroll up to the top of the page, and there below the banner is a “chat” button. Click!

Don’t worry, only members can see the chat.

Drop by and say hello, why don’t you?

Your friends at Moderator Support – TJ, Christina, Seenie and Merl

It asks me to log in…tryed email, and my name with no luck!

Me Too davOD.
I’ll let TJ know there’s issues with it. Might just take a bit to iron the hiccups out.

Hi, I’m having a go, let’s see if it’s all fixed now …

Christina from Moderator Support

Looks okay then! Apart from spooky greyed-out avatar!

Hope you’re all okay.

The chat comes and goes due to a problem at WP with their PHP mail server. I’ve. been banging my head all day. The mail server is asking for your pass word now that I have all the members added but the email doing that isn’t sending. You will only have to add your password once as the single sign on is working…

I reset my password no error anymore…But no idea where chat is? Type a word hit enter I see nothing?..No words show up and when I type is in tiny letters bottom left of page…running windows 10 with browser of FireFox

I think I see what you mean davOD. I’m not any kind of an expert in this but have passed your concerns on to the other Moderator Support people who do understand it better.

Christina from Moderator Support

You have to hit enter to post your chat comments. be sure and give a few seconds for chat to load after you are directed there; also the people in chat ar listed right above the chat box:

There is a slight delay for your comments to post when first starting. It speeds up as cookies are created.

Nope…I give up…Your pictures are great…None of it shows up on my screen…I have posted few days in a row…Zero. zilch, nada

Mobile was just activated. Just click the chat tab above

Lets review:

  • We have a new log in page. You need to log in using your user name (or email) and password some members may need to reset their password just click on the link and you will recieve an email with instructions. Generally you need only log in one time.

  • To chat simply click on chat in the right hand corner (or left hand on mobile.) this is now active for mobile and desktop. (it was desktop only until today) You must be logged in to see chat. there is a log in next to the chat.

  • scroll down on mobile for login

Are ya’ll able to chat?