Trying to log into chat and it wont let me

I am trying to go in on Chat and it will not let me…

Hey Kassi,
We’ve been having a few issues with the chat platform. I have asked our techy mod to have a look at fixing it up but I believe he’s been a little swamped, so on behalf of all the mods here, I apologise for that. We had a change in our platform and our previous chat which worked well dropped out.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Gosh I still can’t find my way around in here, WHERE IS MERL ?

Same here, its confusing for me…It has been very slow also IMO.

Hi it’s Sharon from mod support! I reached out to Merl to let him know that you were looking for him.

Gosh Sharon,

         That was so nice of you to drop Merl a note. I certainly appreciate your effort and persistence in this matter. What has become of the actual ‘chat’ that we all use to enjoy in real time ?

               Take care and have a great day

Hey johbarryy, it’s your old (REALLY old) friend Seenie here. You know how to get hold of us, don’t you? LOL

Merl is definitely around and he’ll be in touch I’m sure.

Other than being frustrated with the lack of chat (we’ve had no end of problems with that feature!) how are you doing?

Hey Johnbarry,
It’s good to hear from you again. Yea I’m still around, I drop by here every other day. Being that I’m in Australia there can be a bit of a time lag in me seeing messages and then responding. So I apologise for that.

How are you going? Me? Well things could be better, the medicos are planning on going chop, chop again. Presently I’m on the medical merry-go-round. I have two differing specializations playing the 'It’s not my role to fix, it’s theirs…" game. So I’m getting pushed from one to the other repeatedly. This time around it needs to be looked at in consultation with each other but each seems to be so over protective of their own specialization and I’m just the meat in the middle of the sandwich. If they were a pair of school kids you’d bash their heads together and tell the pair of them to behave. But (seemingly) these are responsible adults and neither wants to be responsible. It’s frustrating as all hell, but then I’m just the patient in their view. I have another appointment next week and ‘might’ get a clearer answer from there, but I’m not holding my breath.

As Seenie has stated there’s been lots of issues with chat which the former platform didn’t have, which has been damn annoying. Of all of the Ben’s community pages TBI utilised the chat feature the most and I agree with davOD in that the present chat is nowhere near as user friendly as the old one. I have asked for it to be looked at but other things have taken priority. But it is something I have made the techy mods aware of. Let’s hope there is something that can be done.


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****wow Seenie, how you doing?
So good to be remembered. Hope you are good and staying cool. Even after 42years I still must be careful on a hot day. I still feel things that regular people cannot even comprehend. Anytime I see someone in a Brain Chat talk about the heat, I mention that a wet rag on back of the neck really helps with that. Thanks so much for the note, it was great to hear from you, hope to be in touch again.
Have a great day

Hey JB, I’m really good thanks. Oh boy, the heat has been something else again, hasn’t it? I’m way north of you up in Canada, but it was pretty bad here for a while. We were really glad that we had air conditioning at home. You’re right about the wet rag for sure! And misting yourself or wiping down with a wet wash cloth helps a lot as well.

Merl is right about the chat issue. Discourse, the company that hosts and maintains our sites (and they are VERY good at what they do) will install chat for us, but unfortunately the cost is prohibitive. I can’t remember what TJ said it was, but I do remember saying “” It was, like, crazy expensive. We need to find a reliable “aftermarket” chat machine. To date, nothing has come up. And believe me, TJ has tried! It’s certainly not for lack of caring!
Merl does remind us from time to time and keep us on our toes, though, and we haven’t forgotten you guys here.
It’s so nice to connect with you again. Take care, and drop a line again! It always makes my day!