2 questions real quick

My husband had a TBI 2 1/2 years ago, just recently he started hving severe deression and panic/anxiety attacks, to the point he was hospitalized twice in a mental health unit. his attacks are under control now somewhat, but just looking for a job can be enough to cause a mild attack.
currently he isn’t working and is getting unemployment, He despertly wants to work but was suggested by a family member to file for disability.
does anyone here get disability for their TBI ?

next question is Do fireworks bother others? Hubby did his best but could not handle the fireworks and ended going home about 5 minutes before they were over.

Yes, I get Disability income. You should apply ASAP and get all of the required paperwork etc sorted out. It can take a while to be processed and can often be rejected on the first go (mine was), but the decision can be appealed. You’ll need supporting dr’s reports but the sooner you have the application lodged the better.

Yes I got SS, I applied for it on my one year anniversary…It can take some time, I was “one of the lucky ones”? It took about 4 months on my first time.(that is rare, I have been told)

Not only fireworks, all loud noises and anything enough to startle me!!! Its real bad and controls my life…I am never in public without my noise canceling ear buds! I also have tremmors and havent been allowed to drive for over 10 years.

I suffered my tbi 12 years ago, and would not have made it without SSI. Apply immediately!

Absolutely. Apply immediately. Benefits are important when you ae not able to work. As for fireworks, i honestly don’t know how loud sounds affect me, i have not been exposed to sounds like that since my accident.

Hi Sassy. Yes apply immediately and only do it with Allsup. Doing it alone is too difficult.

All noises bother me. Dumpster top slamming. Fire crackers. People laughing around the dinner table. Dragging the dinner table chairs across the floor. Fireworks are super bad. But when I don’t feel well I can hear the tongs of the fork hit against a plate when somebody is eating their dinner. And I can hear it in another room, and the door is closed and the person is trying to be quiet. It is like Superman hearing with none of the benefits.

Noises seem to suck the life out of me and turn things bad very quickly. It is pretty frustrating because maybe you want to go listen to your favorite band or dance at a wedding and you get sick real fast. Well, I am lying about the last part: I can’t dance. Well you get my point though.


Yes i get Social Security. My case took ten years and my next step was the US Supreme Court because the administrative law judges removed evidence that supported my case but once the aooeals court judge agreed that they had removed pertinant evidencethey gave up and I was awarded retroctive payement for more then a deckade. You need to file now and make sure that the onset date is recorded as the day of the TBI. The longer you wait the lesser amount trhe payments will be as the upayments are based on his employment record. You will need an attorney. Do not even try top file without one. I had filed all my paperwork by myself the first time and was denighed strictly because of my age which was illeagal and they recognized that but did it anyway.

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Thanks y’all, you’ve given us something to think about.

I don’t get ss currently but I’ve had to move with my family 3 times in 3years to different states so it wasn’t a good time to get it sorted out.

Yes fireworks are horrible. Along with lawnmovers and music in stores (why do they play it so loud?).

Anxiety and depression are common even 2.5 years later. I think I read with this your at risk of death related to depression and ect for around 9years or more. It sucks.

Hope he’s feeling better now.

I have to agree with you Caitlin. My initial injury was 40+yrs ago, but since I have had numerous head injuries and 6 neurosurgeries, each one, each time knocking me harder and harder. I’m past the 2.5 yr mark since my last op, but I’m still in that hole. Sure, some days are easier than others, but on the days when it ain’t so easy, it can be hell. When I can see myself falling in a deeper hole I need change. Even just a walk (if I can), or something to change my focus from ‘me and pain’. I can easily sit down and do nothing, but my mind takes over and runs at a million miles an hour. When all it can concentrate on is the incessant pain, running at a million miles an hour, quickly leads me to a very dark place, so I know I need that change of focus.
Sometimes I’ll overwork myself knowing that I’ll pay for it later. But if I have overdone it I can use that as an excuse to myself for my pain “…ohh I feel like shit BUT the tasks have been completed. I did them yesterday…” it’s as if to say “I’m not being a lazy bastard” it’s a form of justification for my agony. Silly? I know, but I’m only kidding myself, not others. My wife sees thru my little charade everytime. DAMN HER :smirk:


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Hi Sassy yes you absolutely can get disability from a head injury and from mental health as I did after my tbi. I too was in and out of mental health units after my brain injury and the funny thing is all they want to do is force meds down your throat not try to help you through all of the problems you are having. Our mental health system is so broken and there are really only acute places to help someone who is struggling unless you are really Batshit crazy. For me the drugs only make me feel worse and further make my anxiety and panic worse. The best advice I can give someone who isn’t on disability is to get a probono lawyer I did and got disability on the first try and it only took about 6 months or less to get my disability, where as most people get denied 2,3 even 4 times before they get theirs. The place I used is MYLER disability law firm, they make zero dollars if you don’t get approved. I believe their fee is like 20% of your back pay from the date your Dr certified you disabled or mentally unfit for work.

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I just got disability(I got denied the first time) but because no one took the time to read my story(I’m a brain tumor survivor) and all the difficulties of how it affected my daily life and getting a job(I had surgery, on and off of chemo, and couldn’t keep a job) I had to go to court. The judge finally read my history and decided that day that I would start getting it The process took forever and paperwork and info to get back but I never stopped fighting for my case and to get disability services and I hope you don’t either.


Yes, I get SSI do to my TBI and yes fireworks bother me. Fireworks look a lot closer to me than they are and scare me. I also have panic/anxiety attacks often, but I am around people that understand that sometimes I just can’t and need quiet time.