What I say here is not from memory!!It is from pictures, family, surgens, trama care nures/docs. and a lot of tears from people who know me.......Mar 31,2010 I had a 2 piece steel wheel blow apart in my face before all the nuts cameoff it. I laid in coma on my last bed for about 3odays, enlargerd brain,2cracks in my skull upper neck broken, lower part of brain sliced lungs collaged with ards diease bones out of different parts of body face shartted and eyes not to good on focous, my thinking does not stay to clear or on 1 thing to long unless itmusic lol funny b ut trueI love music so what now?????????

You need lots of rest...LOTS OF IT!! Who ever is insuring your case needs to get you in an all inclusive therapy clinic if there is one. My son's clinic specializes in TBI's but also cares for his other injuries and has a specialized clinic that makes his braces and artificial limbs. Have your wife or your attorney search one out for you. Our insurance co also pays for his transport to and from any and all of his appointments including attorney visits. All of these things should be covered with your legal case. These are things you are ENTITLED to. Make sure you get all the help you need and deserve. Keeping you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers. PeacenLove Always~Laurel aka GotTHATCall