Right side weakness issues

I have right side weakness-my injury was in 1991. I have worked hard at the gym but it just feels like my body (knees ect) are breaking down on my right side. Has anyone experienced this or othe health issues related to injury as they age

I have the same problem on my left side…After over 12 years I just accept it…I know my vistibular system was damaged as my right eye has taken over for balance, I am also losing vision in that eye…

Hey John, davOD
It’s been a while, good to see both of you back again.
Yea, I have noticed a decline but I won’t admit to it being age related :wink::roll_eyes:
I know that I often compensate with the opposing side depending on where I find my shortcomings. If I do so for a longer period of time I find my deficit side takes a bit to come back to something resembling ‘normal’. For me my symptoms fluctuate something awful both in intensity and location, I just never can tell. For me it’s all about management and I really have to balance things out, if I don’t my dominant side aches.


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Hey DavOD, I went to get my eyes checked and now there’s a round cloud in the center of my vision. Doc said you can tear yur retina with trauma and it can take a while to get hole in your vision. Do you have a hole in Yur vision or is yur right eye loosing all vision?

It was explained to me as my left side of brain has damage to my vistibuler system, so my right eye works overtime and making me slowly lost my vision(not sight). Years ago I even went to a Nero optamaligist…Did lots of strange tests.

Gosh, did this come on suddenly? It sounds like most likely it is due to your brain injury, but because you’re mentioning it now and your brain injury was back in 1991, I’m a little worried about a stroke. Please make an appointment with your doctor and talk about your risk of a stroke? If the weakness in one side of your body could be because of a stroke? I’m no expert but something to be careful about. Aloha

Thanks leilaloha, but no it’s not sudden-I’ve had surgery on my right knee and shoulder. I got a part time job and now I have to soak my right foot after work cause of pain. The whole thing makes sense to me I was just looking for feedback from anyone who’s having problems on there weak side
Thanks for your concern