Salvation Army Bell Ringers Alert '16

Good evening,

In the USA an organization called The Salvation Army raises money by standing in high foot-traffic area and ringing a bell to solicit donation. I’m not commenting on that, it is for the bell that I need emotional support.

The high pitched bell is operated by the volunteer soliciting donations. If they are excited, the bell sounds like a high pitched fire alarm torture device. If they are cool headed it sounds at best like a melodic kind of torture device. Either way it is a cruel form of torture that makes going out into a public place even more difficult.

My solution is to wear ear plugs because it is yet another thing to make it easier to “blend into the crowd” when you can’t understand anything that anyone is saying. The ear muffs are easier to take off but make for an even more dramatic entrance followed by the questions “What are you here to fix sir?”.

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Guess they dont bug me as much as you…But I dont leave home without my noise reducing ear buds!..Wearing noise canceling devices for just shy of 10 years…All loud noise high pitched or low make me jump or add to my confusion!

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You are a genius, or disciplined, or both!

Hi,that noise bothers me too,your not alone merry xmas

Gosh, you are the most interesting group. I would have never thought of the Sally Ann bells as being troublesome for people, but now that you explain it, I get it. How awful it must be for you.

So (I’m just learning …) are there other stimuli which can cause you discomfort or distress? Certain kinds of lights? Visual patterns? Types of music?

The noise cancelling headphones or earbuds are a great idea. It occurred to me that there might be an app for that, and sure enough, there are a few but most of the reviews aren’t really positive. I’m sure they will get better.

Wishing you peace and joy during the holiday season.

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Thank you both for the warning poster, and the question moderator. Now I’ll be ready with my earplugs if I go to Walmart :slight_smile: I often visit a karaoke night and I have to wear headphones to drown out the obnoxiously loud music and talking in the bar I wish there was a place to socialize around here besides the bar but at least I’ve finally made my way to being able to go in there for maybe an hour at a time. Once every other week if even haha I need a lot of time in between to recover. Yes, visual stimuli can also torture me like a flashing camera close to me or far away if I’m weak enough or being in a vehicle and just seeing traffic lights or vehicle lights or flashing lights or like TV with its flashing light that it makes changing images of various brightness period and other sounds can do it too like voices. And thank you all for this message board it is just so helpful and I’m really grateful to be learning about what other people suffer with two with their traumatic brain injury I’m not alone. That really helps to know I’m not alone.

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