Service Dog

I'm so excited! I got in contact with a local breeder of Golden Retrievers and have been added to her waiting list for when she has a litter.

It's a huge step, but it will grant me the freedom I'm just dying for these days. Summer is here and I roam my house restlessly wanting to go out more. Mostly I need the dog for guide and balance work. I cannot help my sudden losses of depth perception and falling/wobbliness entirely though I've made vast improvements on both.

So excited to see hope is on the way.

Thanks Ninibeth! It's a glimpse of freedom and independence that I have otherwise lost. I can't leave my home often by myself and have been using my current dog for help...He's helped a LOT with my ability to focus while driving and walking around, as well as fetching things I have dropped...but he's far too small to deal with the bulk of what I need, so he can't be my service dog.

WOW.....! That is due you go about getting one?...My shrink wants me to get one, and Im moving Tuesday and I can have a service dog there!!! If you have any input I would love to know....I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, and don't drive...

Im very exited for you!

@davOD There are a bunch of different avenues. First you will need your shrink to write a letter stating that you are legally disabled and what the dog is for -- They have to be a doctor like a psychiatrist to do this, not a psychologist, therapist, or social worker. Some programs will require two letters from two different doctors confirming this. This will need to be in place before you start looking in case you need to go to court over your dog for some reason...and access issues and ignorant people getting into your face IS going to happen.

Then comes research mode. Research to the nth degree on it. It takes a LOT of dedication and work and about 2 years to turn a puppy or dog into a fully legal and functioning service dog. You can apply either at a program that will train and supply the dog, or you can owner-train your own dog. There are pros and cons to both methods of doing it.

If you do not understand dog psychology and cannot at least train a dog to pass a Canine Good Citizenship test, do NOT try to owner-train by yourself! I have years of professional experience in dog training, but even I am looking for a professional expert to help me out on this because training a Service Dog is a whole new ballgame I have no experiance with. I feel that I could owner-train, but not without a professional to help me first.

If you don't use an expert for anything else, have them be the one to do temperament testing and picking of the dog. It's crucial that the right dog is picked because it is grueling work to be a service dog and not just any dog can do it. They must have the correct temperament and be physically sound enough to do the job.

Be VERY careful to research trainers or programs! There are a LOT of scam artists out there. Not just any trainer can train a service dog.

Speaking of scams, watch out and AVOID any "registration" or "certification" site that claims it will "officially" register your service dog. There is NO SUCH THING in the United States as a service dog registration. They look all official and fancy, but they are fake.

It's REALLY expensive. It costs anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on whatever route you are going in order to train or obtain your dog. I suggest a Gofundme account to start.

It'll be a lot of blood, sweat, money, and tears, but it will also be worth it when you have new found independence. :)

Hello, my name is Jeremy

I came to this site looking for information about TBI. A single car rollover is what starred my trauma, I have recovered from everything even a TBI over a year ago. You may feel that I am real lucky because I have three Goldens. One of those dogs came to one of my hospitals and they thought he was a therapy dog because of his behavior. He has not been trained as one but my wife and I felt he was a good boy. That was proof. Enjoy your new buddy they will take care of you as long as you take care of them.