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Hi, everyone. This is Nancy Klein. I am a new member, and happy to be here. Twenty five yeas ago I had a bad car accident, was in a coma for 3 months etc.etc. I am divorced, still recovering, and living near my mother. I have help part time , and I am trying desperately to make my own life and plan for my future. I am contemplating tthe day when my mom will not be around to help me, (She is 85 and a widow). I am 57. I am fairly smart and attractive, but I have a few lingering problems which I don't know how to solve. One of my problems is the lack of friends. I live in Florida and I am very alone. I am unwilling to live in an "institution" such as an assisted living community.. My ex husband is remarried and my daughter is now 29 and living in Manhattan. Both of them ae interested only in my finances. My dream is to find a very good friend who would share my living space and we could help each other.What I need is a friend and a lover.; If anyone can help me solve this problem, please respond!


Hey Nancy,

You should turn your dreams into prayers and then concentrate on your ongoing recovery. I have quite a few medical issues I deal with and because of them I don't go anywhere except for doctors appointments. I do have one wonderful girlfriend and from time to time I will go to her place for the weekend and we watch movies, craft, sleep. I live in a pretty hectic environment and this really gives me the break I need....sometimes I wish I could stay indefinitely but I do have responsibilities and that really is a good thing for me. Other than that I can honestly say I only have 3 friends that are dear to me and they would come runnin any time I need them.

Maybe you could do a little search here by checking the members on this site and where they are from and make some contacts with members from your state. Click on the MEMBERS tab at the top of this page to start your search. Also maybe check into support groups in your immediate area for another way to connect with others in your same boat.

I wish you the best and will keep you n yours in my thoughts and prayers.

Be sweet to yourself!

Always~Laurel aka gotTHATcall

Hi Nancy

Try this. Find the large VA hospital/clinic in your area, and sign up to volunteer there. You can start as slow as you want to - the volunteer coordinator will work with you. Maybe you will only want a couple of hours per month. I promise you, you will have many, many veterans of all ages who will be happy to see you there and will talk your ears off. I bet you will make some new friends.

Hi Nancy…have you looked into brain injury services such as independent living and tbi counseling? How about a structured day program at a brain injury program. A these things can help you be more independent, integrate into your community more and along the way you will probably make some friends!