Shunt Issues

Anyone have a shunt? Anyone had issues with the shunt? Blockages? Fractures?
Anyone have shunt valve issues? Not holding pressure, incorrect pressure settings?
Please let me know.

Yes, I still have a shunt-no problems

Hey Ash,
Previously, with my first shunt, I was like you, no issues. But mine fractured and was replaced, since then I’ve had nothing but issues upon issues. Now been told this is about as good as it’s going to get and to say that is disappointing is a HUGE understatement. I have queried whether the placement maybe the problem, but no dr is going to admit to that.


What are they telling you to do next, another surgery? My

Hey Ash,
They have told me they could operate again but there is no guarantee it would fix the problem. When my former shunt fractured, they cut the broken tube within the brain off level with my skull, leaving the remainder within the brain. If they again replaced the shunt they would do the same again. If the current working shunt is touching something within the brain causing the issues cutting it off and leaving it in place would not fix the issues as it would remain in contact with whatever is causing the issues. They tell me it is safer to leave the tubing in place as removing it would leave a void. This void could then fill with blood and be a high risk for stroke. So, in layman’s terms, I’m screwed if I do and I’m screwed if I don’t, which doesn’t leave me many options but to put up with and manage the pain/symptoms. Ohh what fun? NOT.


Yes TBI’s blow!!! Slow healing process! I go next month to see my
neurological doctor!! My biggest problem is I can’t walk yet :disappointed: you can do
it, I’m writing a book to alleviate the frustration.

Yea, people talk about acceptance. But acceptance, to me, is admitting defeat. I am a stubborn b%^&*$d and I hate being defeated. Some days I just give up, but on other days I fight like hell not o let this win. I have signed up to a few online courses to keep myself occupied on the days where physical activity just simply isn’t possible, I find I need something to keep me occupied. Just sitting and thinking of the pain and discomfort just reinforces the pain, this becomes a vicious circle and it’s as if I’m feeding the pain. I need something to divert my over active mind. My former work/employment used to do this sufficiently, but since my last incident I have been unable to return to work, so I need an alternative mind diversion.
You say [quote=“Ash3ley, post:6, topic:375”]Slow healing process![/quote] but I’ve been told that this is about as much healing as I’m gonna get, so now it’s all just a case of management. Pain management, Medication management, Time management and mental management. What I need is a manager :laughing: someone to do it all for me.

What’s your actual email address, I would like to talk more, and give you my story :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: