Awake and bored

is anybody awake ? im still trying to work computer.

i am replying to my own insights.

iwell they do say the first sign of madness os talking to yourself.

im not making fun of anyune apart from myself.its the strange english humour.

yes i do struggle with day to day living but if i cant l;augh at mtself id be six foot under.

when i was in my coma i lived a life. A verypeaceful life, full of kindness and laughter.

so its been really hard to adjust i just want to go back there.

every day brings more challenges . some hard some easy,

i would never have thought that having a wash would be hard/

im going to stop moping and wait for someone to wake up .

Ruby…we all have are challenges post TBI…your not alone. Staying positive and motivated can be very trying. I use to sing this made up Army cadence when I walked on a runners track ( I walked on a track because If I walked on the street I would get lost or run over). Ok…here goes: “F U B A R brain in my head, didn’t give up, didn’t wind up dead. I don’t function like before, let it go…it’s no more. Shut up, buck up, works begun…kick your ass to get it done”