Anyone Missing Big Blocks of Time?

I am survivor of several TBI’s. No insurance - out of work.

Every so often I see or hear something that reminds me of something I used to know and it kicks me out of that little pocket of amnesia. That is the only way I can describe when I all of a sudden remember something that is like an Ah Ha moment. I don’t know if it means I am getting better or not but I will consider it to be an improvement.

Anyone ever have that happen?

But the main concern I have is that I really don’t have a recollection of big blocks of time in the past. So i can remember a birthday party from when I was 10 but I cannot tell you what I did in 2002 - 2014 … last concussion 2015

If you have had this kind of thing please tell me if you get better or how you can get better. I think looking at pictures with dates have helped me somewhat but my recall is horrible.

I also have encephalopothy which is like an inflammation.

Also, are there any online free tests to learn the level of intelligence that can be relied upon?

Thanks for any support!

Hey Sunny1,
In short, yes I have had something similar. My longer long term memory has been OK but my shorter memory is very patchy and becomes worse when I’m anxious or under pressure. I also find that my emotions become short, in that, I react more without thinking. It was recommended to me by a practitioner that I use relaxation techniques ie tensing then relaxing each muscle set to identify when I was becoming tense in a situation. From this I could then try to manage my ‘fight/flight reaction’. I have also found that my breathing alters, so part of my relaxation regime is breathing exercises. It all sounded a bit far fetched to me initially, but the reality is that for me, I either hyperventilate ( breath short rapid breathes) or seem to hold my breathe without realising it in tense situations.
I have investigated this a bit. What I have found is that we have our IQ or intelligence quota, but along with the IQ we also have EQ or emotional quota. Both my IQ and EQ were rather high, but add stress and my EQ drops. Since my last incident in '13 both my IQ and EQ have dropped significantly. I’m not as tolerant as I once was and often my emotional reaction is no longer as proportionate as it once was. I use to be a ‘fixer’, if there was a problem, think about it, come up with a plan and fix it or manage it. But now I seem to get more overwhelmed, leading to an emotional reaction. After the event I find I often feel embarrassed at my reaction, than I analyse, analyse and analyse even more, why I reacted the way in which I did and this can often lead me to a depressive state where I (metaphorically) beat myself up for it. So, to avoid this I isolate myself, which again is not a good thing. Does it get better or easier? Sometimes, yes. But at other times, certainly not. I have had dr’s tell me that I’m overthinking things or over analysing, which is true, I know I do. But by the same accord by not thinking about it and repeating negative behaviours I’m often seen as an a55hole, which at times is also true. I find it VERY difficult to manage it all, trying to find that balance.
There are IQ tests available online but as these are very individualised it can be very difficult to say just how accurate they are. There are also activities you can do to improve your IQ, Luminosity is one that I have used. It is game based platform and repeated use can improve the brains plasticity. But I dare say there are other such platforms, just do a search for ‘Brain training’ you may find you need to try a couple to find one that suits.

Hope it helps


Wow! Thank you for your in depth information. I have zero self confidence and zero self esteem. Fuck it!

Hey Sunny,
I completely and totally understand the drop in both self confidence and self esteem. For me both of these were very much tied up with my job. I can no longer work and this has been a major ‘kick in the guts’ for me. Many of the members here talk about acceptance and, in some regards, my acceptance of my predicament has improved. But I still have those days of “F$%& the world and every C^&* in it”. For me, I can easily sit in this pit of ‘poor me’s’ but I simply seem to get lower and lower by doing so and that’s no good for anyone (me included). This is where I have found brain training to be beneficial. There is things I can do, in moderation. My brain has been damaged but I do still have a brain and by simply proving to myself that I can still function and improve via brain training it gives me a sense that not everything has been lost. There is still some hope.
So yea “Fuck it” but ‘fuck it’ and move on. Please don’t get stuck at ‘fuck it’. Give the brain training a go, it’s well worth it IMO


Know someone already did a stellar job at answering :slight_smile: but yep.

Totally normal for us from what I’ve experienced and read. I can’t remember the website right now but it’s something to do with having trouble forming new memories I think.

Seconding the everyone without a TBI makes me mad days. I’ve overall accepted a lot of it but…still having those days. Having one today actually.
I’m trying to focus on how much better I’m doing.
Which is a lot from 3 years ago.

Every time I realize it’s been three years I get confused. I remember parts of the three years but it feels more like yesterday than a few years ago.


Yes, Meryl did an excellent job of explaining. Also, you brought up some good points. Especially the new memories. I am pi55ed off because i am constantly being asked “do you remember” …
I am exhuasted by people doing this to me. I am sick of it and just want to tell them to F off. I think the stupid questions I get from people are bad for me.

I hate stupid questions and I don’t have any tolerance.