Lost, confused and oh so scared

Even though my son suffered his TBI nearly 3 yr ago in car accident the effects seem to be worse daily. The accident was his fault..he pulled into the path of oncoming vehicle. But he was never ticketed as the other driver stated he never saw him. Also due to the severtity of the injuries to my son and the immediate death of his girlfriend....well that was when hell started.

He spent 4 days in ICU unconscious. When he awoke he knew everyone and showed no impairments. Drs were then more focused on the physical injuries. But I as his Mom could tell something was off. He contnued to make progress. I stayed with him for 4 mos as he had a injuries that prevented him from driving. Finally I moved back home and he tried to return to work. he had repeatedly refused any type of counseling, therapy tohelp him with his grief over his girlfriends death. Being 5 hrs away it was very difficult getting calls from his work stating he had not come in...Contacting him was difficult as he would just not answer his phone. A few long 5 hr drives to see if he was ok..only to be met with anger,&resentment that we wouldnt leave him alone.

Fast forward almost 3 yrs.....He was hospitalized in August due to seizure type night terrors witnessed by his then girlfriend. He then agreed to get some help. This Jan he attempted to take his life Sitting with him in the hospital, watching him cry, suffer and tell me he did not want to wake up,....just like after the accident...very difficult. Since this attempt he has pushed me further and further away. He made comment shortly after accident that since he took someone's Mom away(his girlfriend had a son) he does not deserve one. Also made comments to my daughter that he tries to push Mom away but she keeps coming back. Nowt things are worse. To everyone else(besides me, his dad and 1 sister)he is "fine" but to us he is angry, bitter, donw right mean, I am heartbroken and know my only choice for my own sanitiy is to walk away...no contact....which is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do

Sadmom, tough road your on. It sounds like your son has a lot work to do in TBI recovery and emotional recovery…Both are very different and different approaches are needed. I think a structured day brain injury nonprofit is his best hope as usually all supports are provided. Perhaps just let him know you care…get some distance and find some support for your self like the brain injury association if one is in your area.

Thanks blanezrain...I am getting distance as since Easter, when he and I got into a verbal altercation, we have not been in touch. He was all set to go to a day program facility....but he attempted to take his life instead. I just wish someone could reach him in a constructive way as now he spends his time hanging out, drinking,smoking pot and challenging anyone who tries to suggest help. It is breaking my heart, but i know unless/until he wants help....all i can do is love him as a mom always will and pray ..