Tips to feel awesome!

I was having my pain issues get unbearably worse, and it took me like a year to figure out why!
It was that I was laying down looking at a tiny screen on my tablet most of the day, and so I instead I’m using a projector to make the screen nice and large so that it doesn’t hurt my eyes anymore and that I can sit in a comfortable position oh, well I lay down on my bed with a lot of pillows :slight_smile: and I am able to enjoy life like never before with this brain injury! :smiley:

I use Second Life to socialize with people in a way that I just cannot do in person because of where my brain injury yes, I can type instead of talk out loud and listen or just wander around and feel free and normal in the infinite worlds to explore! Just be aware that there are trolls, just be ready to know to press, control shift H , teleport home if needed :blush:

and there’s something called vrchat that you don’t need virtual reality to use, just a computer, and there is a younger crowd and a large polite European crowd on there and it makes it really easy to make certain kinds of friends who are more playful :slight_smile:
But both of these apps have a large bunch of fellow disabled people, so they are really great ways to socialize if you are lonely :slight_smile: or just wander around if you are bored

And have you heard of the drink called kombucha? I took a several years break from it because I thought I just couldn’t afford it, but now that I’ve been having it again, I have energy to get my cleaning and chores done and it really helps my mood and it helps pain, it has digestive enzymes and probiotics in it and it’s alkalizing, so something about all that really does make you feel really good for a while :slight_smile: I highly recommend you try it

And I may have said this before, but you’ve got to try to get aerobic exercise once or twice a week. this helps your mood and energy level :slight_smile: it’s like how a well-oiled car will work better, you’ve got to move all that good stuff around in your body to use it properly :slight_smile: even if you only do it for 5 or 10 minutes, it makes a big difference I promise!

I hope this helps, aloha. So happy to see you all again :slight_smile: I thought this website has shut down so this is a beautiful surprise :sparkling_heart:

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Oh, and I order all my canned food and preserved stuff like pasta online and get it shipped to me for free through the mail, and that has saved me so much energy!!! I’m actually able to enjoy life now and have energy for more important things and trying to survive a trip to Walmart :sparkling_heart:
I like using because you just have to order I think it’s $35 worth of stuff to get free shipping, and of course they have everything. I would stick with only buying stuff that is provided from Walmart though, because third-party sellers sometimes are just kind of untrustworthy.
But the couple times those third-party sellers caused a problem like didn’t ship things on time, Walmart has a really good system of dispute and I always got a refund :slight_smile:

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