How many of you would like to meet up in person for emotional support and just to have fun with like-minded people who've been through similar things and we'll understand each other

If you feel like you need more positive social interaction, like me, from people who might understand you will be compatible with you, please let me know and let’s try to organize a meet up at some point :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll even literally make a Meetup for this small town I live in in an attempt to get people together to socialize who have trouble like me socializing because they’re disabled but they need to socialize to feel happy


Hey LeilAloha,
OK, so, where to start… …hmmmmm. I was waiting, maybe hoping, others may speak up. But after some deep self contemplation I’ve decided I should contribute to this post.

Well I believe I’m in a different country from most of you for a start, so the distance/travel would make it impossible for me. Now that’s a physical limitation and not very deep, so going deeper…

… ‘me’ and ‘positive social interaction’ are 2 things that have moved further (almost light-years)apart. I am now VERY self conscious and VERY aware that I’m no longer the person I was. I had friends who after my last episode isolated me and others who give me that “ohh you poor thing” look and I get so frustrated and annoyed. Then there is others who want to judge as if I’m in this position by my own choice. What they don’t get is that I am harder on myself than they will ever be. I can berate and beat myself up much worse than is even possible for them.
Now I find it much easier within my own company and my wife’s. She’s the only one who actually sees me at my worst and has some sort of comprehension of the reality of all of this. As I’ve said before I used to arrange outings for people to be able to interact and now I have a much clearer idea on why many declined the invitation to such events. This social isolation is safe. Many would say it’s unhealthy, but placing myself in a vulnerable situation is also unhealthy. Having that internal fear is very distressing even soul destroying. So I don’t.

I’ve just read through that… …ohh dear… …is that too deep? even for me??.. …Maybe it is… but, it’s where I’m at… …writing it out like that just makes me identify it.


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Its hard. I feel the same way. Like you want more social interaction with people who understand besides a computer screen. I live on an island in Alaska. yes there are resources and the social people give you this big resource guide etc. but that is the one resource that is lacking: one on one fellowship. Its like even the care givers have no idea. Well you seem fine today. etc


Can also meet on or google hangouts or skype. There are probably more.

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I know exactly what you mean, Merl, I also especially need alone time and rest but sometimes when the feeling is right I’ve been like incredibly blessed, because I’m a hippie and they tend it in general the a bit easier to get along with even though sometimes they judge me. Like the other day when I repeatedly told this old guy to stop turning up the music because I was practically having a seizure, he jokingly didn’t believe me and kept doing it and I had to confront this guy and be like do you want me to leave in a tuff tone of voice? And finally he understood that I was serious and he stopped turning up the music. So sometimes really you have to stand up for yourself. It took me several years to get strong enough to do that but I highly recommend it :slight_smile: and if you’re ever lonely maybe we can talk on my favorite app, Google Voice app Hangouts whatever you call it there many names for it but it’s most affordable and highest-quality and safest compared to other things I’ve tried like Skype. Skype is not safe. For me. Someone stole my password when I simply added him as a friend.

Do you want to try chatting sometime on Google Voice? Occipital?

Alaska friend I finally found out because it was very very hard I’d asked Health and Human Services Social Services Etc to help me have good things that I could make friends and they didn’t help me. Many of them were fresh out of college or new at the job and they didn’t really have the experience and they thought they did :frowning: but anyway my physical therapist is the one who connected me with two organizations around here that maybe are near you two. One is called Interfaith volunteer caregivers and the other is just a local agency with a religious name so I don’t know if I’m going to hear back from them and that I even want to because maybe they expect me to be the same religion to use their services :frowning: but they have events to try and get me together with people just to maybe play a game with them or or physical activity I sure need social help with that maybe playing badminton or shooting Hoops with me at the local community center. But I could go on a rant on how the government needs to find ways for people like us to have positive social environments like get-togethers because having friends and making friends is so hard especially during the early stages of a brain injury that we need help! Good boy

Hi,I met people in my area with TBI injury’s,at AA,a dating site,one at church its very common I find.

Yup. I messaged you.