What do you do to remember things? Have any products that talk about ways to improve memory? Any supplements or prescribed drugs that you recommend that could benefit memory?

Have any tips on ways to remember things? What I want to get someday is Jim Kwik’s Jim Kwik: Courses Superbrain course. I think when he was young, he was diagnosed with a learning disorder; or he just was considered unteachable. Anyway, instead of accepting his condition, he went to the library to learn on more effective ways to learn. Anyway, I never was a doctor, nurse, dietician, or nutritionist, but I do have a certificate in human nutrition. I learned that the human body creates a chemical called acetylcholine. According to Wikipedia, “acetylcholine (ach) is an organic chemical that functions in the brain and body of many types of animals.” Without this chemical, your brain wouldn’t be able to function properly. Choline & acetylcholine are similar. Choline is found naturally in animals & plants. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter just found in animals. Choline can be taken in different forms: the 2 compounds that it can come in is alpha-GPC or CDP Choline, it can be used as a powder, or as capsules. It may benefit athletic performance. Also, people with Alzheimer’s disease may find that acetylcholine supplements are effective, but only for mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Uses of alpha - GPC: Alpha GPC Supplement Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More - Dr. Axe (draxe.com). Choline can be found in these food sources: (1.) I believe beef liver has the highest amount of choline / calorie. Also, other parts of the beef are sources. (2.) Cod fish is another source. (3.) It can be found in chicken eggs, especially the yolks of the eggs. (4.) I’m sure that you will love this source: Chocolate. (5.) Broccoli. (6.) Cauliflower. (7.) Spinach. (8.) One can find choline in poultry. (9.) Also, choline is found in Bok choy. (10.) Nuts & seeds is another delicious choice. + Talk to a medical professional if interested in choline supplements to find out for yourself if it helps your memory.

Hey Shaun,
When it comes to brain conditions, especially TBI with its broad affects, sometimes additional supplements may not have the benefits we seek, as often the TBI damage can effect the electrical signalling and connections within the brain. This is much different to Jim Kwik’s situation of a ‘learning disability’ vs TBI.

There are a few foods and supplements that are reportedly beneficial for brain recovery BUT must be used in consultation with your medical team. There are some medications that can have a very negative, even deadly, reaction with some supplements. A healthy balanced diet can often provide adequate nutrition, adding supplements can be of very little benefit.

There recently was a report of a patient being ordered to have a blood test by a specialist. The results were sent to both his PCP and the specialist. The PCP told the patient they were dangerously low on Vitamin D and advised the patient to start taking Vitamin D. Upon seeing the specialist they were told the same thing ‘start taking Vitamin D’. The patient followed both medicos advice, taking a double dose, poisoning himself in the process.

There are some online memory games such as Luminosity which can also assist. Often when we become stagnant and don’t utilize skills, we lose those skills. Keeping the mind active by playing such games can keep those skills available and can assist in keeping the mind flexible.

Merl from the Modsupport Team