Why does this happen?

I am having a low moment tonight. Oh dear., When things seemed so good until you saw the oppisite. It doesn’t help with having a cold. My good friend, well he has changed.

I would like to ask what do you do when feeling low?.

Hi Danielle, sorry you are feeling down. It stinks when we are close to people and we can tell they are changing, doesn’t it? And not a lot we can do about that, I’m afraid.
Honestly, when I am down sometimes I just have a pity party of sorts. Other times, I try to remember how things could be worse, which really doesn’t help much, because just they could be worse doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my sad feelings or that those feelings don’t count. I try to remember that there have been happy times in my past, and I will have plenty of those days in my future.
I have a couple of good friends who sometimes I call and talk to when I’m feeling depressed and that helps. Usually they are having their own personal drama’s and it kind of helps me to hear what is going on with them.
And its no fun having a cold. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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Hey Danielle, I think change can be difficult at any time. Part of the problem I find is that things change for others where I see my own situation as being a bit stagnant. Others seem to be moving on with their lives and yet mine is a constant battle to be normal. I know for me trying to compare my own situation with others is like comparing onions with pineapples, there is no way to compare. I try to look at how far I have come because without my own determination to move on to something else I could so easily still be stuck back there.
I know for myself when I get stuck going over and over the same mindset, I need change. Having a cold doesn’t help at all as that restricts options available, but even a simple change of focus can move my mindset. I have tasks that allow me to do something else, be that housework or be that taking my dogs for a walk or coming online looking at differing interests, just something to break that repetitive, incessant negativity I get into.
I hope you get over your cold soon and things can start moving on a bit, things won’t stay down for long and you can move on to bigger and better. And remember we are here if you need to chat.


Embrace it completely to help get it out of my system, it is like emotional constipation. Go for a walk. Exercise. Eat ice cream and cookies. Call a friend to have a pity party. Call a friend to kick my butt out of this funk. Watch read and listen to inspiring things. Breath. Meditate.

Anything that helps me not think about me and how I am the center of this universe helps. And something thinking about how I need to give myself helps a lot too.

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Thank you, I suck it up too sometimes when not trying to run away from.