Year 15 from accedent

As the new year get rung in, this year will be 15 years…On January 2nd, some years it bothers me others years never care…Why?..I lost everything that day, wife kids, work, fun, driving…Wish I had better skills when it comes to these historic milestones? Happy new years to all and my 2022 be a better year!

I hope you’re able to enjoy the day…even if it’s having a quiet minute to yourself, eating a yummy meal or watching your favorite movie. I’m on 16yrs myself and am trying to learn to enjoy what I can :heart::heart:


Thank you for listening…! Dont know what I will do, I will keep it simple, that much is for sure!

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All the best for your anniversary davOD. I used to look back on the day and curse it, my life was turned upside down, but, try as I might I can’t change the reality of it all and I hate that fact.

Well, I gotta agree with you both
Personally I really have no choice, I’ve gotta keep it simple. If I over do it physically or mentally I’m gonna pay for it in agony. I know that because I’ve pushed that envelope too far before and there is always a consequence for it,
I am ‘…trying to learn to enjoy what I can…’ and in all honesty, that’s about as good as I can do. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I curse everything and everyone involved, but I can’t change the reality of it all. Now, the acceptance of that is on a bit of a pendulum, some days it swings in my favour and that acceptance comes easy, some days I fight against it all. I don’t want to accept this. Who would?

When you learn how to fully accept it all, can someone please tell me how.


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