Applied for social security

Recently, in the past couple weeks, I was fired from my job for calling in. Every time I did call in, it was because of a migraine from the TBI I have. The past 4 1/2 years, my doctor has been working on medications to help prevent my migraines from happening, and is trying to find a good medication for me to take if I do actually get a migraine. So far, the prevention medication has been working, before starting the job, I went from having 3-4 migraines a week to maybe once a month. When I started the job, they jumped back up to about one a week. I let them know when I was hired about the situation and they said ok. They brought me in, though, and said that I had called in 9 times (which was a lie, it was 5) and they had to let me go. I asked for the reason and they told me it was literally for the migraine reason. About a week later, I decided to file for social security. Not to just have money without working, it drives me nuts not working, but not have the security of this not happening again and not being able to pay my bills.

Has anyone else done this? How long did it take for them to approve it, if they did?

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I got mine the first time I applied…That is not the norm from what I was told and read…Sounds like the fail rate is high…I have read that they suggest filing the first time on your own, and if that dont work, hire a lawyer that this is all they do…Its a long slow process, even getting it on the first try, it took over 4 months…Hope that helps a little?
Best of luck to you.

It’s such a trying process. I wish you much success and little stress.

Thank you guys! It actually helps a lot knowing this! I’ve been worried because they said I could know in a week but it’s been over two, now. I guess I’ll wait and see what happens.

Get an attorney the first time. I filed mine and it was denighed simply because of my age then I got an attorney and my case took ten years with all the evidence that they wanted removed and then my attorneys appeals then my attorney git a hearing and the judge ruled the Soicial Security could not remove medical evidennce. My attorney was preparing for the United States Suprem,e Court when Socila Security aquessed and gave me a ruleing of perminat disability with more then ten years of back payments.