2016 did not start out so good

Oh what a year. January 2, I was in a car accident. I was the passenger driving in my oldest sister car and guess what another head injury, Was transformed to the hospital by ambulance. I blacked out in the middle of the highway, when I arrived to the hospital they ran test after test. Test came back I had a synicpe don’t know how to spell the word.
April 25, 2016, I lost my best friend. My chihuahua, than on the same day I lost my mother.
July, baby sister asked me to drive along with her to the doctors to get her mammogram the results came back she had breast cancer, I broke down in the office when the nurse and doctor shared the news with my baby sister. I can’t take no more. My doctor prescribed Anxiety medication for me…and circulation medication. I am having trouble sleeping. Not in the holiday spirit I just want to get the holidays over with, get through this year 2016.


Thank you for reaching out and not retreating into silence from what I feel is intense pain and suffering. Possibly you have had days where you felt this need to burst into tears and uncontrollable sobbing. You may have felt unable to shake yourself from the feelings of hopelessness. And please realize I cannot begin to grasp your level of pain and suffering, and yet I appreciate you asking for support. I give you my deep compassion for all these negative experiences you have had this year and may your soul give you the necessary support you need. May you simply rest in and be with what is your true identity. May you abide in Presence.

I also thank you for taking in the love others give you and wanting to be closer to their presence.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Terrible year here, too, if that is any odd comfort. Car accident Jan 16 whcih caused my TBI.Some injuries will never go away. Lots of injuries like head, face, foot, leg, lung, belly…leg and foot and knee OK so I can walk,m thank GOd. But head bad and facial. Maybe have to have surgery which will disfigure :frowning: Maybe----they never know so leaves me in constant state of panic for a whole year. Dad had heart attack but is OK. But the head inuries caused me yo be someone outburts a lot so family has pulled away. So I am alone because some bi*ch had to go texting on the highway. I am very sad and every other day I think of ending my life. I can’t go on like this but meds do not help because I also have autim . I was non verbal as a kid, had it very bad. So to have a accident with head injury on top of autism? All the gains I ever made though 35 years of working so hard all went away in litereally 1/2 second. ALL gone and now I am hardly functioning all over again. I had a tiny job. Gone. I had friends. Gone . Autism is back and with a vengeance. I am so sad.

Hugs. I’ve had bad years like that back to back and different situations but you can make it through. Hugs. Do what you can and remember to give yourself a break and treat yourself nicely. That’s a lot going on for anyone. Things come in threes right? Not really… Sending you good vibes 2016 will end hopefully sooner than later.