A small change that is so worth it, makes a BIG difference!

Buy organic foods and produce. There are more vitamins in it and it’s less work on your precious organs to digest it. Thus you have more energy and a happier mood and are more functional! This is true!
Why I eat organic

Things last way longer like my jar of jelly that was like two years old didn’t get moldy every other inorganic kind of jelly I’ve had that long open gets moldy and the organic when was open to for two years and it didn’t get moldy :slight_smile: and it still tasted just amazing! Produce will last way longer in your fridge way longer like a month longer sometimes

You’re supporting good things in the worlds without a lot of work, yeah things cost a little more, but you’re investing in your health you’re saving money at the doctor you’re investing in your life having more energy! And you’re helping save the planet organic foods don’t use poisonous pesticides to kill bees and stuff they use natural stuff like neem oil that isn’t poisonous to anyone. tons of research has shown that Bayers common pesticides do kill bees. Look it up. Look it up carefully cuz they are paying to not let things like that show up first on Google, because Google runs on money and whoever pays the most shows up first. But just search carefully and you can still find the truth. Hopefully they don’t f*** that up with net neutrality sthey’re trying to f with soon

It tastes better! And it’s more satisfying! There are literally more vitamins and organic things than inorganic things! So you need to eat less! You literally feel more satisfied with less it’s so worth it!

You can always plant the seeds and they will always grow, genetically modified foods used Terminator seeds and that means that they won’t grow anything. And inorganic seeds, aka conventionally grown, plu starting with 4,6, are just less likely to grow sometimes they do :slight_smile:
You know what’s in your food when you eat organic there’s nothing artificial in there when it says usda certified organic on produce
You feel better. Your body has to take energy and use organs to clean pesticides and additives and preservatives that are artificial and hard on certain blood types and due to certain illnesses and you get weak you have less energy you have less brain capacity at cetera and your mood gets worse! I have lived in this for years! I’ve tried organic for years and felt awesome that I tried inorganic for years and felt terrible that I tried organic again and felt awesome trust me! I never lie! I never lie!
Learn from my valuable experience


I am sure it does taste better and is better for you. I live in a small town though and while the grocery stores here have some organic foods, I don’t think I could buy even half my food organically, as I really don’t think it’s available.
A friend of my husbands has chickens and he gave my husband a dozen eggs a couple weeks ago. There is such a difference in the how those eggs taste vs. what I get at the store. Crazy. Have to be better for you.
We do plant a garden, and there is a difference in the way it all tastes, from store bought. Or I wouldn’t do it:)

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I know what you mean, I live in a small town too and it took a while for the local Walmart to get most of the organic things that I need. But just buying what you can that is organic makes a big difference :slight_smile: and of course it is best of all if you grow your own food :slight_smile: how awesome, I’m very glad to hear that you are able to do that :slight_smile: I’m able to grow my own Peppers indoors and lettuce just from seeds that I planted from Peppers that I ate, and from sticking my eaten lettuce bottom into the soil new lettuce sprouted up new leaves:-)
That’s awesome you got fresh local eggs from Happy chickens :slight_smile: very healthy for you and happy for the animals :blush:

Well, you’ve got me beat! I had no idea you could grow lettuce like that. And kudos for growing the peppers, too.
Those eggs were so good, I told hubby to tell that man we would pay for more. Its about enough to make me want chickens:)

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Brain’s gotta eat too so why not give it the best you can afford?

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