Social Security Review

Got my review info from my Social Security disability…Im still disabled( I could of told them that!)…

Now im 10 years in and the answer basically says from time to time there going to still test me?

Why do they mess with us? After 10 years I will have enough improvement to go back to work?..One day at a time is hard enough for me without this horse crap!

Oh well happy its over till the next review…sigh

I don’t know. Its been about 14 years at this point for me, and last year I got one, filled it out. Then got another one a few weeks later that was a little different. They were both long…It stresses me and makes me so depressed each time I have to fill them out. I don’t know why we have to re do them every so often. Maybe to give them job security…I swear I get one every year or so.

They sent me a letter a year or two back saying they would pass on me and not give me anymore! I was too old as in too near actual retirement age to bother was the jist of the letter.

Obviously you did not go through an attorney. Your age can also make difference because they now have special rules for people over 50. My determiniation was final with no reassessments but them my case took ten years.

No I didnt have an attorney but I did it myself ans was accepted first time in a few months, I see no bearing on testing?
I have had the letter occasionally, this time I think it involved 3 letters then Had to head to the next big town and be tested by one of there Dr.s…
What was most strange was Arizona is using Utah for correspondence?..Never had that either before…

The rules here are a bit different for me but my insurance company have declared me TPD(Totally Permanently Disabled) and given me a payout, but the DSS (government) Dr’s disagree and due to the payout I have to wait. Even after the waiting period has passed I then need to attend an 18mth course (to prove I can’t do an 18mth course) before I qualify for a disability payment. I can’t attend the course with out receiving a payment from DSS, just not disability and I can’t get any payment until my waiting period has passed. So presently I’m stuck in a ‘no man’s land’ with no income.