Awareness of Cycles we go through is helpful

And for awareness

It really helps to be aware of Cycles we go through. And how they all have certain strengths and limitations. And it’s best to only do certain activities when in certain Cycles, when at all possible.
Right now I’m in a more logical, strong brain, Creative Cycle. For me I like most to be creative by writing. Or by talking or making videos where I talk and share information. So right now I’m finding it very satisfying to journal for my own health awareness, and to share the wisdom that I’ve gained with my fellow brain injury suffers on this lovely support Forum :slight_smile:
I also might make some Arts by painting or drawing or coloring, or do interior decorating where I tape cloth around this metal clothes rack that I have to look more like a wooden tree for example… And I’m easing into a cycle where I’m able to be more physical. But while I’ve built my whole body’s health full spectrum high enough to finally be able to use my brain more than ever, it’s best if I’m not even very physical, and if I don’t eat any junk or comfort food. It’s best if I mostly have vegetables and a little bit of starch and a little bit of protein usually meat.
I’ve studied a lot of Chinese medicine, and they teach how like if your gelatinous membranes are damaged you need to eat gelatin. If your heart is Damaged you need to eat an animal’s heart. It just makes sense to me logically how the parts of your body that make up a certain part to have all the ingredients to make it healthy to rebuild proteins and sinews you need to eat similar enough ingredients to rebuild it in your own body. And it’s been true in my own personal experience. Like when my liver would hurt a lot and I at first addressed it by cleaning it out by changing my diet and not eating toxins that hurt the liver, and spiritually addressing my anger issues, last of all what I needed to do to cure my liver pain was to eat organic grass-fed beef liver.
And it worked :slight_smile:
So I eat gelatin and healthy meat like organic grass-fed beef because I’m blood type O and need a lot of iron rich protein that is a meat because the fats and the amino acids and all the ingredients like that really just help you rebuild tissue better than anything else. I was vegan for over 5 years and I wasn’t rebuilding my nerve or muscle tissue or my brain at all until I stopped being vegan and started consciously eating well enough treated meat from well enough treated animals.
Also in my more mentally active Creative Cycle, sometimes because my brain is just functioning more than it usually can, I have trouble slowing down my thoughts and turning them off sometimes to stop worrying or to actually get things done. That’s when meditation can really help. It just helps you turn off your thoughts and to finish the task at hand. And you know we all need to rest sometimes and it helps us be able to rest. Sometimes you need a medicine to help with it to talk to your doctor. But right now all I need is meditation I don’t need Madison anymore, and they’re all kinds of meditation helpful videos on YouTube. We have different brainwave States in which certain things are easier while we’re in that brain wave state. Meditation puts you in more of a restful relaxed healing brain waves date.
And soon I’ll be in a more physically active cycle. And it’ll be best to not think or plan or imagined too much, but to just walk a lot or play a fun thing like basketball, which for me is mostly just shooting hoops at the nice air-conditioned Community Center. I don’t want to push it too hard by being outside this time of year where it’s just too dangerously hot where I live and humid to be okay outside. Or I might clean my apartment a lot and do a lot of laundry things like that and it’s very rewarding because those are the most important things to do for your own mental and physical health and to keep bacteria and yeast and all that at Bay. It’s very satisfying :slight_smile: sometimes we wish we could do more like have a job that’s helpful to the whole world, but the most important thing for us to do is to take the best care of ourselves because then we’re not taking energy from other sources that we wouldn’t need to take if we just took good enough care of ourselves. :slight_smile: it’s okay
And then after awhile me being physical, and you know eating healthy foods, I’ll ease into a severe nerve pain restful cycle, Where I’ll need to mostly eat junk food and comfort food to help with my nerve pain and lay down a lot and just watch a lot of TV shows and movies maybe play a little computer games. For me, that’s the only thing that stops the nerve pain for a while. And maybe it’s that all that sugar and amino acids like glutamate neurotransmitter I mean in MSG and and fat cheese and dairy ice cream and pizza maybe they just are needed to slow the body down physically and nutritionally, and help fill in the nerves and turn parts of the brain off and help regrow other parts of the brain and give energy to areas… We do need more sugar for more energy sometimes. Maybe that’s just the best option out there during that cycle. But we don’t want to get into this cycle often or for long, or our mental health and physical health will suffer. Comfort food is very addictive and sometimes we eat it longer than we need to. It’s very helpful to be aware of ways to like fight off candida overgrowth, which often happens when your blood type O and you eat sugar or grain for comfort food. If you have kimchi , or apple cider vinegar with water, whenever you eat a sweet or a grain and a yeast feeding Foods, it can help kill off the yeast so doesn’t overgrow. It’s also helpful to eat probiotics. Take probiotic pills supplements. And to force yourself back into the exercise cycle by like for example, me, I have a jump rope in my apartment and make room to jump 100 times forward and 100 times backward. It takes a lot of effort and I can usually only jump 2 or 3 maybe 15 times in a row but mostly only two or three times in a row, and then I have to rest, but it’s worth it to really push your body for a while until you get more naturally into your physical cycle. Also, be aware that if you’re like me you’ll sleep more during this cycle to to help regrow parts of your body and help with the nerve pain. So you might have to motivate yourself to start getting up earlier. For a while, I would play this very happy energetic song every morning and it would help me get going, and I put it on a loop so it would play over and over. It was, “all day long I’m a lady” buy a Japanese artist. And I used mx player, which let’s MP4 files be sped up or soowed down, so right after waking up I’d repeat that song slower than it would normally go. Slowed down. Then after a few minutes or half an hour, I would increase the speed slowly. And eventually I listen to it at the normal speed it would normally play at.
So I hope the knowledge of the creative mental cycle, the physical cycle, and the restful nerve pain cycle, and the strengths and weaknesses of each cycle and the best activities to do in each cycle helps your healing and health and happiness :slight_smile: it helps me to be aware of the Cycles :slight_smile:



I definitely have cycles like this. I kinda skimmed what you read and yes I agree with a lot of it. Thank for sharing :slight_smile: I’d add more but agreement is the best I got lol :slight_smile:

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