Do what they tell you

I was fortunate to find a primary care doctor who had first hand experience with TBI (her husband had one in the 80’s). When it was found I was at a 3rd grade comprehension level…she suggested I go to the library and start at 3rd grade, so off I went. Too embarrassed to ask for help I just grabbed a bunch of children’s books mentioning at that checkout desk that I was getting the books for my young nephews. When I got home I realized the books were too easy or too hard to read. I went back to the Library, explained to the children’s Librarian I had a TBI and my doctor said to start at the 3rd grade. Although it was a humbling experience I got the right books and slowly worked my way up the grades…it took years. Eventually I got into a brain injury structured day program and participated in a reading class where I would volunteer to stumble on word pronunciation until I got it right. Although I had already had college education I went thru a GED class for a year…working my way up to college level comprehension. It is my hope that sharing my embarrassment, struggle and determination here helps someone toward thier own cognitive goals.

Sharing your experience will surely help someone Blaze. You're a good guy! Thanks!