Ever get lost?

Ever get lost? Shortly after my TBI I was determined to find some independence. I started by getting medicalert and carried my keys and an emergency contact list with information like…"I have a brain injury…if your reading this please contact my family to help me. I also had an SOP (military lingo…“Standard Operating Procedures” for crossing streets…look both ways, wait for light. I did not come up with this stuff on my own! So…off I go to the neighborhood store 2 blocks away…even though one of the streets was was one way and was not that busy…I waited at the curb for the light, often people passing me by, I felt ridiculous but I couldn’t trust my judgement alone of when it was safe to cross. Even though the store was close by I would get lost easily by going out a different door in the store or turning left instead of right as I exited. Generally I would only get lost for 5 or 6 blocks…then I would see something familiar and find my way home. (I grew up in this neighborhood). For the longest time I never told my family…afraid they wouldn’t let me out of the house.
Have you ever got lost and what tools did you use to keep safe and find your way home?