Full moon

Do any others find that on a full moon can affect your mood?.

Yes and not just mood. I was told of this previously but was very sceptical. Then through my employment I saw the change in clients and their behaviour. But since my last surgery I’ve been noticing a change in me with the moon cycles. I seem to be having highs and lows that are affected by the moon.
Part of my injury has messed with the natural flow of fluid in my brain and I have a plastic tube called a shunt to drain the fluid. It has been suggested to me that the moon and the ‘normal’ flow of brain fluids have an impact on our circadian rhythms. Now for me those ‘normal’ flows of brain fluids are all over the place and my circadian rhythms run at their own beat. This in turn screws with my sleep/wake times and turns me emotions into a stew and I can never tell what may boil to the top of the stew pot. My reactions can be anything from inappropriate to disproportionate.
An example was a training session about emotional indicators in young people, a serious subject at the time, and when something was mentioned that had been an indicator in me many, many years earlier, rather than discuss it I started laughing hysterically. Others looked at me quizzically, but the facilitator, she knew. I excused myself and she came asking questions which I couldn’t/wouldn’t answer, making some lame defence and apologising.
At times I find I can get angry at the slightest things and ‘fly off the handle’ releasing emotions that are wrong. In hindsight I can see it clearly, but at the time. I just react then trying to put that genie back in the bottle is impossible and I look like an idiot (More so than normal :upside_down_face:). So, then add the full moon to that… …ohh what a mess.
So yea the full moon can affect your mood. It does with me.


Thank you for this! Last night was my first full moon post concussion and it was an emotional mess!

GOSH not sure if I was affected by the moon or not.strong text