Hi all I'm Peter

From my brain injury my sex drive is so unreal .I mean constant horny and when I’m finished I’m ready to go again and again. I know that most men would be proud off that but I’m thinking why has my sex drive went in to hyper mode and is it normal

Hey Billyard,
I believe it depends on which areas of the brain have been damaged or affected. As a younger person I had a similar issue but post surgery I went the opposite way and my sex drive damn near disappeared.


What age are you now .and I know I’m a man and people just think men say we go all night and actually dont .but I do lol

I’ll say 40ish (closer to 50 but we won’t say that too loudly lol) there’s still a 4 at the front so 40ish it is.

Haha how have you been

Hey Billy,
It’s been a while, how are you going? Me, ohh, same, same. As I’ve often said ‘It’s all sh1t, it’s just the depth that varies…’ and that variable varies everyday. Some days I can leap a tall building in a single bound (So, OK, bit of an exaggeration) but other days I’m lucky to be able to crawl out of bed. I just never know.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Hi billy, no idea what I’m doing! But I got you so thought I’d give it a go. I’m a brain injury survivor from uk. I had my first haemorrhage when I was 31, just had my second in september 2020, during lockdown. Surgery in November and another haemorrhage, I’m still here!. If you fancy a chat well that would be great, if not good luckxx

I would love to chat more and help in any way do you have kik. Or is there a way to chat with out this