How do I find the ‘chat’

how do I find the chat so I can talk
1 to 1 with somebody ?

Hey Johnbarryy,
Unfortunately, this platform does not have the same chat facilities as the former host platform. This has been brought to other people’s attention and the fact that it is surely missed. Personally, I believe, it was very well utilised application, especially by our TBI members when we had easy access and the fact it was easy to use certainly helped.

Sorry, 'cos I miss it too.


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I agree, me too. Whoever did away with that must be severely reprimanded.

People who make decisions like that must be eliminated

… then I trust you will FIX THE PROBLEM

Sorry Johnbarryy, I don’t have THAT sort of control. Being a change of server, it has nothing whatsoever at all to do with me or the other community mods. The changes were to the entire Ben’s Friends network and not solely the TBI community. I have voiced our concern but the change was done for the benefit of everybody on the network, which is approx. 45 differing communities, TBI being just one.


Thank you , you have answered my question, about a chat room, I used to always goto, We need to figure out what platform the system could work with to enable a chat room

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I do agree, the chat facility we had was great, but we no longer have such access to the former chat platform. Sorry

Yes, someone on Facebook was asking about the old tbichat!..I wasnt doing well in those days, they helped me through my darkest days…Being able to communicate with people who have walked in your shoes gives hope!

Maybe ask or demand from the former members, what will make it available to all. shoot gota jam

whao, forgot bout this page,hello all,

Hey Rick, Howzit all goin??

Hiya, tis all good, have to go to work later, as a cashier at publics in FL. Im tired right now, going to zonk out, adios.
P.S. Here is a bit about myself following my TBI, wrote about it I guess? And some other random things from after the car wreck.

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TBI … you only know it if you live it

got lucky in having, a high functioning thought process, at least IIIIIIiiiiiIiIIIi think so! through the ongoing recovery. guess you could say new world throught the everywhere world aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyy maetie ;

where are BI chat rooms?

where go, I miss that site, maybe we could start one? start into high functioning TBI iers wish I could type quicker, like a chicken, ah peek peek peeeek :wink:
just passing notes round, how can we get a chat room function once again?

Believe me Rick, as both a community moderator and as a TBI member I have raised chat as an area of concern with the top brass previously.
There was a type of chat platform but it was for the entire Ben’s network and that’s around 50 differing communities. So trying to follow a specific conversation can be an issue. It is nothing like our former chat platform unfortunately, which worked well IMO.

I can raise it again with them if you’d like, but it is a subject which has been raised before, repeatedly.


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We are entering trying times, for ALL disabilities, so the multiplatform structure would be ideal in cohesion of all parties, in a mass chat platform. We could even try to get a sponsor in the net world, and have them support us, for a name recognition of their efforts. EVERYONE is online now! advertising is at the all time high!

The old tbichat had like 10 different rooms…If one was to busy you could go to others…Some were for caregivers also…It was well run, and over seen by professionals which was important as some people were suicidal from time to time, or just had it with life in general!

We tried at least. it’s a shame that we are unable to coordinate a system, cant we initiate a page on like another page like yahoo or some other c hat form like meetup or ? I wonder if there might be some other organization that may want to host us?