How do you deal with Holiday Weekend Activities?

How do you deal with Holiday weekend activities? A Holiday weekend can be very overwhelming for TBI’s…alot of us will probably just stay home…it’s just easier. BUT you can partake in the activities with a little planning and determinstion: 1-get plenty of rest before hand, 2 - Go to an event, stay, briefly (hey…at least you showed up), 3 - find a quiet place at event to take a break from all the stimulation (try to find this place before you really need it), 4- Take breaks! These are just a few of the things I have done. Please share your tips! How do you deal with Holiday weekends?

Ninibeth, thanks for your comments. Low vision and crowds seems like a bad mix, it must be really challenging. Brain fatigue seems be a shared issue with us TBIs. Had a good laugh over the getting older comment!