Phone alarms and calendar events really help! 😁

my brain injury is in my right prefrontal cortex, this means that my short term memory and balance, and socializing are most affected by my brain injury.
I’ll help my short term memory by setting alarms for short reminders, like “Dr. At 2”, or “mom visit 3”; and calendar events for longer notation reminders, called events. I often use those to remind me about goals, like, “eat breakfast”, “if head hurts in back of head, turn fans down”(because my nerve damage leave me very sensitive to sound, and my vibrating air conditioner can give me a headache if on high fan speed, as can my fan)

For our mental health and sanity, we must have goals!
Achievable goals!

I even had a goal once a week, programmed into my phone, to say,“art time! Get in the mood with incense and relaxing music!”

Try to think like,“what CAN I do?”, “How CAN I do that?”-sometimes the answer is still,“well I can’t get” but often it is,“I can if I do it differently”

Don’t give up, dear ones! Where there’s a will, there’s a way :slightly_smiling_face::green_heart:

And if you can’t quite do something, find out something similar you CAN do! And feel AWESOME by doing it! YAY :laughing:

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Part of my injury was in the same general area and I kind of do the same thing with alarms on the phone, but for the longer notes I found It really helps to write it down. I used to used a daily minder, and still do to a bit, but what really helped was my youngest daughter (nine) getting a little frustrated at me forgetting dates important to her in particular and buying a large planning calendar so she could write down her ball games, meets, dates etc.

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Google Calendar is my hero. I’ve got four separate calendars so I can “turn the volume” down to focus on different things and “turn the volume up to 11” to see everything at once. Plus alarms. Frees up the rest of my brain to just save energy for other things.

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