College classes and TBI

I have just gotten another concussion a few weeks ago and the doctors have told me that I now have TBI and not that I have been getting back to classes I can’t sit still can’t concentrate or pay attention. I have to constantly get up and now around. My head is just not what it use to be. Is there anything I can do?

I would contact the DSPS department. They should be able to accommodate‎ you in some way. I've not had the best experiences over the years in working with them, as TBI didn't fit their pre-determined definition of what a disability is, but, they did make the effort to provide a few little accommodations at least. There may be some arrangements they could make in regards to giving you a quiet study area, or letting you take breaks as needed, or to use notes (if necessary) to help with memory (which is something that I was in bad need of). DSPS would be the place to start. Be honest about what you deal with, and be strong about what you see your needs to be in making your schooling possible. They should also be able to help you inform your instructors of your situation, and to better help you in working with them, too. Good luck with that. If you wish to talk more, you can also pm me.

There is a great video blog by Adam Anicich on, called "Adam at Ease". You don't have to be a military veteran to go there, and he talks and writes specifically about returning to college classes after a TBI. It could at least be a good place to start and get some new ideas.