How is everyone coping?

I have worry, I do not drive but live close to store for food…My 92 year old mother lives with me in the winter…If we get sick I feel like I wont be able to hold up my part of the deal for mom?
I went to the store and shelves arnt empty but they sure wernt full…What should I do about veggies?
Im feeling overwhelmed!..Fast thinking sure isnt my best quality.
I hope everyone is more prepared than I am.

Hey DavOD,
You can buy frozen veg, sure, it may not have exactly the same nutritional value as fresh veg, but from many reports they say frozen holds more than shop bought veg anyway as it’s taken from the field, processed, then instantly frozen. The stuff on the shelf can often be sitting for days, if not weeks, before it’s sold on. Also tinned veg often lasts even longer. Some of it can be a bit waterlogged, but it’s still edible.

At times like these those feelings of being overwhelmed are normal, but sometimes we have to look or think a little bit ‘outside the box’. For example if you cant get your carbohydrate from potatoes, try pasta or noodles. Sometimes sitting down and making a shopping list of your ‘normal’ shop, then whilst at home, looking at each item thinking of an alternative. This way when you go shopping and you can’t find that specific item it doesn’t send our minds into ‘Ahhhh’ mode, there maybe another option.

Thinking about this at home rather than at the store gives our minds time to process it a bit easier. At the store we can be a bit single minded “I need to find ‘X’…” but when ‘X’ isn’t available we can hit ‘PANIC’. But if we calmly think about it prior to the store, we make a plan a bit clearer and calmer.


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