How join this server on discord? Help

I’m stoked to hear were on discord now! :smiley: but I don’t have a link to join the server, so don’t know how. Please help :slight_smile:

Hey LeilAloha,
OK, so I’m a little confused. You state “I’m stoked to hear were on discord now!” Now do you mean Discord or Discourse. Discord is a chat application designed specifically for gamers, where Discourse Meta is an extension for chat.

There was a bit of a discussion by the moderators about obtaining Discourse Meta but I have not heard if this has been actioned. I was hoping that if it had been installed the techy mods would have informed us. I will endeavour to find out whether it has been approved to be installed. There was a discussion regarding the costs involved and the processes in which to activate the extension. I have looked at it via the Discourse site, but to say I’m a little confused by it all would be a little bit of an understatement. Let’s see what the techy mods have to say, I’ll send them a message. Hopefully they can clear up some of my confusion LOL.
Let’s hope we can get it going soon. I, for one, really miss chat.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

A bit of an update.
After sending a message direct to Ben last night, I received a reply. He states that he will speak to the techy mods after reviewing the Discourse extension information that I have provided him with. This information was sent to me by the techy mods, so now everybody has the same info and we should hear soon on what can happen in getting chat back up and running again. Fingers crossed.