How to Manage Fatigue?

Hi again,

It bothers me when I get called lazy; it isn’t like I don’t try. The greater in-depth I think like just now. I am on my last assignment about which has got a greater impact on making the world a better place; individuals or society.

I am gradually overcoming and am at the brainstorming stage, blimey after I feel shattered? I plan to nap to re-energize my fatigued brain. It sure feels like it.

Do others get fatigued sometimes and are there a better way to manage exhaustion?.

Hi @Danielle! Fatigue can be really tricky. And it’s even harder when we wind up feeling like we’re lazy. I know that I struggle with fatigue. One of the things I do is to make sure to not overschedule myself and to build rest time in to my day.

Have you found anything that helps you?

Sharon from Mod Support

Hey Danielle,
Somehow I missed this, apologies for that.
Other’s passing judgement and calling me lazy is something I unfortunately have LOTS of experience with and often people outside of this reality truly have no idea. One problem I find is that I seem to be able to accept physical exhaustion easier than mental exhaustion. I’m often asking myself ‘Why do I feel so shot?’ if I can answer that and think ‘Well, today I’ve done x,y and z’ I can accept that. But when I haven’t done x or y or z and there doesn’t seem to be an self acceptable reason my frustration rises. Then to add other’s judgement to that frustration gets me angry at self “so why can’t I…” and the impact can be HUGE.
A problem I find is what I can do today easily, tomorrow is near impossible and so draining. Finding that balance can be a real problem.
I have found I need to take ‘Time out’ for me. Sometimes that can simply be using some simple relaxation techniques (breathing, tension/relaxation, change in mindset and environment etc) other times it can be a need for that nap. For me it really can be finding that balance.


Hi Merl,.
Thanks for your input it has helped me feel normal even though I am not. I am doing very well in Ecdl level 1 now. Recently it is this other studying because it finishes at the end of the month. The last assignment I dont get it. My brain doesn’t budge. :frowning: I am very depressed bed bound. I dislike my life.

It can be frustrating when you want to do something so much.

I have to say this was one of my biggest stumbling blocks in life now, I have the drive to do, but not the physical ability. The acceptance of this has been a real battle.

What is the other study? Can you explain to your teacher/lecturer that you are having difficulty with the comprehension of that particular assignment. They maybe able to put it in terms that could make it easier to grasp.

I have found that when I have trouble grasping a concept, trying to concentrate on it only makes my confusion even worse because I get stuck and can’t seem to get past that. Then I tend to beat myself up (metaphorically) for not understanding which only perpetuates my frustration more and it becomes a vicious circle.

Ask for help, that’s what the teachers are there for. If we knew all of the information we would have no need to study it, we wouldn’t have a need for teachers.


Hi Sharon,

I find after a good nights sleep compared to eary mornings alters my fatigue levels. Some times I sleep for an hour during the day, it helps my energy levels increase.

i am 42 years out on this journey and I found that eating fresh veggies that are known to help the brain, really helps with healing