Hungry to Anchor your Life?

Hungry to Anchor your life?

Staying afloat in the vast ocean of TBI problems can be challenging. Using simple Anchors to structure your day will keep you from straying off course.

Here are four simple things you can do to add structure to your life and keep yourself afloat:

1)-WAKE: Set an alarm clock or two to wake at the same time every day (even weekends).

2)-MEDS: Take your medications as prescribed at the same time
every day. If you must take your medications with food, try taking them at mealtimes (I take advantage of this, combining two tasks into one).

3)-MEALS: Have your meals at the same time every day…even weekends ( we all gotta eat, this is a particularly enjoyable task).

4)-SLEEP: Alot of us with TBI have trouble sleeping. Start with “getting ready for bed”, (brushing teeth, shower and bedtime snack (this is my favorite) etc. This signals your brain it’s time to rest.

By using these four Anchors to structure your day, you will reduce some of the stress, confusion and frustration that comes with recovering from a TBI.