More stamina simply with CBD oil!

CBD oil has helped many people with their neuropathy and it really does help mine better than anything else when nothing else will work. It’s hard to afford to not covered by Insurance in this state, so I do take Tylenol and use
But because it’s the social part of my brain that’s injured for some reason the CBD oil definitely gives me more stamina to talk to people a little longer to :slight_smile:
And sorry, but you probably will never see me in the new life chat feature because that is where my brain injury is and I’m really Limited in how fast I can talk to people in the present moment and for how long

Hey LeilAloha,
I’m glad you are receiving some benefits from the CBD, it also assists me to cut back on the pharmas. I’d recommend you do inform your dr as there maybe some conflict with other meds. If your dr is anything like mine, who’s view is "If it works, use it " then you won’t have a problem, but the last thing you want or need is a conflict/adverse reaction with other meds. Even if the CBD is only helping you in social situations, that’s a plus.
Chat here does work but there are very few (if any) who are in there when I am unfortunately. So chat has/is almost died.
I’m really pleased to see you back here tho as many of the old crew have dropped off.


I use CBDs throughout my day for the last 3 years, and have found it a game changer for me…

Both these articals are easy reading and can help shed some light for people.
I personally feel that a small amount of THC makes the CBDs stronger. I belive its called the ontarage?
I have been using AC/DC which is a aprox 20/1 ratio, CBD to THC ratio.