My son bj aber

this is his mom denise bj suffers from traumatic brain injuries would like some support thanks my email is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

bj is 27 years old now has been 9 years since he wrecked

bj also has a piece of his brain missing due the swelling his short term memory loss

this is bj mom am interested on how to keep bj busy since he is not able to drive and is 27 years old

Hello denise,

My son is still unconscious. I would like to get some support. I would like to know how long does it take for a person to gain counscious? What should I do to help him wake up? How would I know if he is awake?

I have been looking for the same thing! Activities--meaningful activities that engage my son--for him to participate in. He just joined a support group that meets for lunch once a week. Everyone there has had a brain injury, too, so everyone just gets it. I was thinking maybe a non-academic class (art?) at the local community college...