Neurologist visit-No life threatening problems!

I am pleased to report that the neurologist I saw had no significant problems to report. So glad this is not early dementia! He was very kind, and spent an hour and a half with me, and he wrote down every single symptom I reported. When I asked him about the cavernoma on the MRI, he assured me that it was very small and not to worry. He did recommend an MRI of my neck, for pain here.So I left with more questions than answers, but certainly relieved! He recommended a state commission for head injury program to train for re employment. This is daunting to me, because the nearest one is 30 miles away in a heavily trafficked area. I don't do well driving in traffic, and I don't have any extra money for travel expenses.Besides, I always wrote down every thing I did so I would know what to do next while I was working, so not sure how they can help. I will continue with all these phone calls etc. to get to the end result-hopefully SSI disability. Has anyone experienced this training program? Did it help with memory ? Well, glad this site is here! It has made such a tremendous difference for me!

Hopeandfth, I did some research for you on Mass brain injury services:
1- and (health/human services) are the sites to find info.

2 - Mass Rehab Commission 1-800-■■■■■■■■ OR Mass Health Waiver Info 1-866-■■■■■■■■ are numbers to call for information on brain injury services covered under the A BI waiver.

3 - Mass has 2 waivers for disabled TBI’s…One residential (covers 24/7 assistance at home) and one for support of independence.

4 - generally with Waivers you must enroll for medical assistance with social services after that you apply for the ABI (TBI waiver). Once your in the waiver there are many services such as brain injury programs and services available to you at no cost.

5 - Start by calling the numbers I provided. If it is too confusing for you simply REQUEST that you be provided with someone to assist you in the application/enrollment process. By ADA law they must do this. Also REQUEST someone to assist you in applying for SSI, this is also something covered under ADA law.

6 - If you follow these tips you can expect success in achieving services you need. Once you are in the waiver system you can worry about employment and you will then have assistance.

Hope this helps!