TBI Support Group

I am slightly to massively overwhelmed with new changes happening in my life and most importantly I want suggestions or tips on how to start a support group as Los Angeles does not appear to have any. I want to share with others how I am lucky to still be here like most of us and there are so many that are still initially recovering and they are confused, nobody seems to be able to help them and doctors are just too confusing. Our brains are not firing anywhere near topnotch post accident and to hear from someone that has gone through something similar to what they are going through will instill faith and just provide support. Any tips are appreciated.

Call your state brain injury association, and ask to speak with your regional representative.

Have you ever heard of >meetup.com< ? Check out the website - it is specifically to form groups of any kind and it isn't too hard to do. There is a nominal cost for being the organizer and using their website, but once you get members they can help out with the fees. It is about $12 a month. I tried to get one going where I live which is pretty rural and spread out so it didn't work, but I would think in LA you'd find people a lot easier. Also, what about a Facebook group? I don't know how to set one up but I belong to one. Good luck! :)

I know someone from Long Beach that is doing really well. He may know of some groups already started. PM me and I will get the info.

I have been getting so excited about starting a local TBI support group. My brain is inundated with ideas and potential solutions, but like a little kid who is sooooo excited to play with his new toy he rips the box open, pulls out the toy and realizes that he had to take it out of its box more gracefully to maximize his toy playing ability. I am so excited to start playing with this toy (a new support group) but I am also starting a new job on Monday. This job is something I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m so excited but it is also going to be physically and mentally exhausting for the first few weeks. I need to give the new job my full attention. And I want this support group (or at least getting it started) to have my full attention - so something has to wait. That being said I will be patient as I continue to think on ideas for the group but I won’t take any real action until I get settled at work. I hope everyone interested can be patient, but I know it will be worth the wait for all of us. I am loving being a part of this site and want to be sure I can contribute in the best way possible. I look forward to hearing more ideas from all of you about the group and moving forward.

Good idea to let the job settle in first.

I found a group already meeting near you for support starting your own or until you do
Good luck with your new job!!!

Thank you MOMofMichael that’s great to see that happening but it is still over 50 miles away from me. Thanks for looking though.