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I don’t do well at relationships the bf/gf ones I can think I am being polite but it ends up bad. Like for excample one was due to come round tomorrow and asked him via txt does he like tea or coffee.

He replied neither lol. And last night I texted him how he is as he said he was tired.

Trying to be thoughtful he texted back shattered lol. Him taking the mick like that out of me. But decided to leave it with him now.

This is why I can’t open up with others it’s unfortunate. :frowning: Like I am down enough as it is already.

I’m sorry you are felling down. In all honesty, this guy kind of sounds like a jerk.
And I don’t think its you or your tbi, I think its him.

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Thank you for helping I think I will focus more on sorting my life out for now.

I too have problems with relationships but I am a guy that gets things done and I am finding that to many ladies do not like a guy that gets the handyman stuff around theri house done and that also includes helping their children. Somehow it diminishes them to have their child become more independent…I see it as opening up more free time for me to be with them.

Yeah, I agree with Aly, this guy sounds like a douche. Just remember, he has to fit into your life, not the other way around. If you feel he’s disrespecting you, especially when you’re trying to be polite, it probably means he is & and it sounds like he’s wasting your previous energy. If you like the banter you can carry on chatting to him, but I wouldn’t take anything about him seriously…

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