Selective mute in adults

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced SM (Selective Mutism) after their TBI? Before I obtained my TBI on January 16, 2008, I used to talk 24/7 and after I obtained my TBI, I still talk 24/7. As a result of my TBI, I have short term memory and anxiety. These two things work against me because I cannot remember what I said and to who I said it too. I get anxiety attacks when someone tells me something like: You said… in the past, you promised me … in the past, ect.

I am unable to know if I really did, said, or promised someone something in the past. So my solution to this is to just stop talking. I will talk occasionally but, rarely. I have been thinking on and off about making this change but, so far have not been able to stop talking. But, with all the technology we have, realistically I do not need to talk.

Hey Crystal,
My memory can be/is an issue and it can be difficult to deal with. I keep a diary to try and remind myself of the who/where/what to help to not forget (That is when I remember to write it down. TSK)
I have worked with people who are selective mutes but for them many have been due to the sound of their voices not being ‘normal’, so they stop talking. Some had sign language to fall back on, so they could still communicate with a select few who understood sign.
In my humble opinion, if it helps in reducing you anxiety attacks, I can see some benefit BUT I do have some concerns in regard to social isolation in choosing to become a selective mute. We, as humans, all need some social interaction and by reducing you communication skills this may limit your scope for such interactions. I understand your views in regard to technology and I do agree… …to a point. I’ve been purchasing products online. My wife asked me ‘What stuff are you waiting for?’ I couldn’t remember (and I didn’t write it down. DOH). I tried to make light of it ‘Oh well, it’ll be a bit of a lucky dip. Ya never know what might turn up…’.
But the reality is, it’s just another sign my memory is next to useless.


Hi Crystal,
I just read your post and found it interesting that just last night I found myself in a position of ha ing dinner with a friend and coming away SAYING BARELY nothing. Prior to my 3 TBII have ha

**WoW, I remember when people would hang that on me, ‘well you said’, or the many thousands of times when they get you with something they told you just 5mins earlier. Yes it hurts, and a lot of us are stuck with that little gift which came with our TBI.
My own situation is that my HeadOn Collision was over 40yrs ago, and
I doubt if they’d take me seriously. Perhaps by now, enough is known about these effects of TBI,
Or maybe I just need some Prevagen ?

TBI …you only know it if you live it