Sharing your success

Sharing your success can inspire and motivate others. Our journeys in TBI recovery are rich in challanges we have over come. Often success seems to be immediate, but I have found in reality it comes from tiny steps. Recently I read my first adult book cover to cover. Prior to this I was reading only graphic novels ( mostly drawings with a few words) or short magazine articles. Before that I was reading children’s books. Right after my brain injury I was
unable to begin to understand a paragraph unless I read it like 15 times. I was inspired and motivated by going to a literacy group at my brain injury program, there I saw I was not alone in my struggles with the printed word. What steps are you taking toward success?

Well, as a 32 year survivor, I guess I am successful in many things. I like doing a lot. I like that I've rediscovered this support forum. It's kind of silly, in that I've been trying to get something similar to this place going at the VA for probably the better part of 6 months, at least. Before that I was trying to get the Public Affairs department at the hospital to do a better job of sharing some of the success stories. I know that large organizations don't change quickly. I do like that I have a job working for a hospital. I like that people there are supportive. I enjoyed my time at Florida State University, getting my Master's degree in Library Science. Working with computers, processing laptops, updating software installation loads has been nice. Learning the processes is pretty cool. I have a kindle fire, but mostly just use it for playing some games. I've read a book called, The Merchant Adventurer, or something. It was offerred as a free book of the day, as well, as a few free writing self-help types of books, but for the most part, I don't spend a lot of time using the kindle to read books. I like reading @20committee on twitter, and reading some of his wordpress pieces, as well as some stuff from politico, and such. but I like the screen space of the macbook. I guess several people use blackberries, and iphones for composing longer notes. I'd think that the limits on space might discourage longer communications pieces. At least on some levels, a subconscious limit on the space for communicating big thoughts and detailed plans.

Marty, you have built a rich and reading life. Thanks for the great share!