Time difference

hi everybody. im trying to talk to people buti dont know what the time difference is. its 825am on a friday morning. please let me know if you can help in anyway.

Hi Ruby, I don’t use the chat here so I don’t know the best time to chat. For me, chat really sucks up my brain energy…so I just reply and post when I am can.

Ruby, this is still a relatively small community for chat. The community usually needs to reach about 1,000 members before people are on chat most of the day. In the meantime, just bring discussions. You will get feedback – it just takes a little longer.

i want to thank all new friends.in the last week i have made more new friends than i have in the two years since my collapse.

it comforting to know im not alone.

so thank you all very much.

I'm so glad, ruby.

Ruby, glad you are happy making new connections here!