Organizing a chat

Hi all! Hope those of you in the US enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I thought I would start a discussion to organize a time to chat, because it can be difficult to catch each other on ShoutBox. Anyone want to suggest a time that works for them?

Meli from Mod Support

I was thinking we use to meet to chat around 8 or 9 central standard time. Not sure what would work better for everyone.

That time will work OK for me Aly. I very much miss our chats and it’ll be good to catch up.

When I figure out what time 8 or 9 central is, I’ll try to be there. If I don’t make it this time, I will try for next. (I’m, ummm, “outta my time zone” right now, on holidays. The only time I’m sure of is dinnertime. LOL. Sorry…"

I miss you guys so much! I’ll catch you soon.


I definitely miss all of you and we need to try for a chat time…sounds so good.what time.?>