We all need to get together to chat!

I posted this message before, but there was some confusion. "Perhaps 2p and 9:30p eastern (10a and 5:30p pacific) would work for group chat times to get every-one together. Or maybe even every hour on the hour would be a good idea because it might be hard to work it out with the time zones and different schedules." If we all logged in every day at 2p and 9:30p eastern time, it would be 10a and 5:30p pacific time. I believe that if we posted group times on the homepage we could get everyone in here to chat at the same time time. With different time zones it makes it a little difficult, but I believe that those times will work. It might also be a good idea for everyone to stop by on the hour to make it easier to meet some-one. I think that we need to post this info on the opening page.

Let's all get together!



I really thought I answered this earlier. HB, pick one chat hour and put announcement up just for that hour. I can share it with everyone. If the time works well, you can keep that time each week, and we can announce a reminder every week, okay?

I think 8-9pm est. Would work well, if people wanna stay longer they can.