Aspirin powder makes me INFINiTLY BETTER!

My brain instantly stopped being swollen and overheated!!! Yeah!!!

cold setting or cool on hair dryer helps too, frozen wet towel in u shape found my neck to help cool me, ESPECIALLY​ after a bath

Baths are easier, less severe headache and brain limitation because i
Sat in magnesium sulfate, epsom salts help my aching muscles and kept head cool by leaning over towels(small bathroom so easier to step out on) or container , and pouring cool water slowly over head and especially neck
Then found cool temperature in the faucet, slowly so I didn’t turn the whole tub cold as I lay in it, on low, and ran it over my head as I learned back under the faucet as I wet my hair, then I shampooed it and leaned under the faucet again to rinse nice and cool

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