Lidocaine gel helps humidity headaches from titanium plate

When it’s like 40% humidity out, and I can’t run my dehumidifier or be inside to enjoy its relief, the humidity put so much pressure on my brain because then my cranial plates can’t expand like normal cranial plates can because they’re fused together because of the metal plates on my skull, or because my nerve damage just doesn’t allow my body to know how to deal with humidity anymore? But the headaches and lower brain function is horrible, what gives a tiny bit of relief is lidocaine gel on my scalp and putting mint or biofreeze on my scalp

I’m also all set up to get an injected NSAID sometimes because my stomach can not handle swallowing Advil or aspirin anymore, it hurts too much. I especially will have this done before events where I know I will be outside in the heat and humidity and will need the anti-inflammatory effects of the NSAID in order to at all enjoy being at the event or outside

Hey LeilAloha,
Interesting. High humidity is not something I’ve had to deal with due to the climate here but I can understand the impact it can have. I do have an issue with barometric pressures but I believe this is an intercranial issue rather than a cranial problem.

I too have had issues with oral medications but have found that if I eat prior to taking meds, my stomach can handle the meds a little better. I spoke to my pcp in regard to using injectable NSAID’s but as I take meds everyday I was advised the long term effect of NSAID’s can have a negative impact, so only to use them in the short term. It may be an idea to discuss this with your pcp.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

:sparkling_heart: yes, thank God I had talked with my doctor about an injectable NSAID today, because I had had my dehumidifier off because it smells like burnt plastic and the new one didn’t arrive yet, but my brain got so damaged and overheated by that so I went in and was able to get an on-call doctor to give me an injected nsaid :slight_smile: and I can think fast again thank God I’ll bet I hardly lost any memory thank God :smiley:it won’t be like past years where I would lose just like most of my functionality for a few months as far as thinking! And my doctor thinks it’s just fine cuz I’m only going to go in for it when it’s urgent occasionally you know? I’ll take an oral and said after a big meal and after my stomach acid reducing medicine as often as I can if I’m going to go outside when it’s humid, otherwise I’ll just stay inside with my dehumidifier on even if it is burning out and stinky, my lungs are stronger than my brain!!! :blush: Now I know :purple_heart:

That’s great. So long as you’ve spoken to a dr and got approval about using the NSAIDs and it’s not a regular med, all is good.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team