Big Decision (for me)

I used to do boxing and had for 2 years. I was going to start again but then I had my accident. I’m trying to decide wether or not to start again next week. I know being punched in the head is a stupid thing to do with a TBI but I miss boxing so much and it help me release my anger and tension. Any advice would be great (and don’t just say “no full stop”, explain alternatives etc).

Dale, unfortunately there is a well-documented association between boxing and brain injury: see, for example, . I don't think anyone here would advise you to continue with boxing. The best alternative I can think of would be to try out a type of martial arts that is no-contact and does not involve blows to the head. Martial arts has the added advantage of helping with coordination, attention, agility, and discipline. If you must box, just try going to town on a punching bag rather than an actual opponent. For what it's worth, I would give the same advice to anyone, even if they didn't have a TBI. The TBI just makes it apply more strongly.

I second Climber on that. Fencing is great.

I can't tell you what to do, but I sure hope you choose not to! I would never, ever wish the effects of a TBI on anyone-they're too awful- and as much as you love boxing, I don't see that it's worth the risk, especially when there are so many alternatives out there! Think about all you've been through! You don't want to do that again, do you? You don't want it to get worse! I know it's sad to give up something you love but let me be another voice encouraging you to think of your health and your future and maybe find another outlet for your stress. (Sorry I don't have an additional suggestion for a low-impact sport, but the ones already suggested on this feed sound good. At least give them a try!)