Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick is a term I have used to rebuild my brain since shortly after my TBI. To illustrate this I would like to share my experience making coffee with a TBI.

I have always been a coffee drinker. After my TBI making coffee was beyond my cognitive abilities. I started by watching how it was made and eventually wrote all the steps down and asked for help.

Then I was able to make a full pot of coffee on my own…making less than a full pot was still a challenge. Eventually was able to make any amount at home, even just one cup.

Whenever I was at a friends, family or program I would volunteer to make the coffee. Pretty soon I had made coffee in over a dozen different coffee makers.

My next self imposed challenge was to go to a coffee shop or gas station and buy a cup of
coffee. Never going to the same place twice I was able to navigate my way thru the process.

That was a long time ago, but I still use the same principles to rebuild my brain…Brick by Brick. It’s not fun, exciting or glamorous but is a way I have found that works for me.

YeP! The numerous therapy programs I and my son have been in use this theory as well as "baby steps" to reach goals.

Great story! Gave me a better sense of the seriousness of your cognitive injuries. By the intelligence you express yourself with I would think that you have come a very long way in your recovery. Congratulations!

Have a good day my friend!

Always~Laurel aka gotTHATcall

GotThatCall…babysteps…such a great metaphor! I’m already thinking of a drawing to illustrate the process!