Legal help? in Tennessee

My grown son suffered a TBI last year. He continues to improve daily by the grace of God. However, his ex is trying to taking away his parental rights and drastically decrease his visitation with his two small children. Legal fees are UNREAL when added to all his medical expenses. Plus I feel that he is being discriminated against due to his accident. Any thoughts or know of someone who could advise and help. Thanks! A Very Concerned Mom! P.S. Neither of us NEED this added stress right now!!!

Hi Debbie

Your question could be relevant to a lot of members here. Would you consider changing the subject line to reference your location? (Maybe something like “Help or advice on legal fees in Tennessee?)”

That way you may attract the attention of more people who might be able to help.

As a person with a TBI, and a published author of discrimination against those with a TBi. I can with out any doubt conclude there is no basis for further discrimination regarding the kids soley on the tbi. Problem is going to be prooving that in court. Which is where the lawyers are going to earn their money. Unfortunately no way around it. Been through a few divorces myself. And they don’t come cheap, even when you win!

Yes that will be great. Thx

Hy Debbie,
I have several numbers for TBI groups throughout the states. The ‘main #’ for the brain injury groups is 1-800-■■■■■■■■. Nothing else, they may have some other resources for you?? GOOD LUCK. I ‘know’ what family members can & will do when things get tough. Again, good luck